COVID-19 Updates:

  • We are currently unable to ship to Vietnam.

  • We expect longer transit times for orders to China.

Last updated 08/25/2021

To our international customers:

Good news! International shipping is back✨

Thank you all for patiently waiting for our new shipping service! The Lavendaire Shop is now using DHL to ship all international orders. We’ve discovered that DHL is a lot more reliable and secure in comparison to our previous carrier.

DHL is a widely known carrier that does cross-board shipping that covers approximately 220 countries with a maximum parcel weight limit of approximately 150 lbs. They provide a wide range of support services through their website. You can easily find their customer service information by country with email, toll free number, and holiday hours listed out for you.

We understand that pricing is a huge factor for our Lavi Loves. While the new shipping price may not be a huge difference from USPS, DHL provides daily tracking updates with a guaranteed delivery within 1-2 weeks depending on your location. To ensure a smoother and more effective customs clearance process, we suggest signing up for DHL package notifications with the tracking number (WAYBILL #) that we will provide.

Thank you for your support and understanding of our small business. We hope this new upgrade will provide you a better experience.

For any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at