We will continually update this page as we receive more information.
Last updated: November 10, 10:32 AM PST

Nov 9

We received another report that the ship has docked at Port of Tacoma, Washington and they're surveying the damage. The ship aims to arrive at Long Beach, California on Nov 26. We estimate it will take an additional 6-9 days for the inventory to be unloaded and to arrive at our warehouse.

Shipping for orders including the 2021 Artist of Life Workbook is estimated to begin in early December.

Nov 5

We received a report that the ship carrying the 2021 Artist of Life Workbooks needs to make an emergency detour. Severe weather conditions during transit caused the containers to collapse.

The ship will arrive at Port of Tacoma, Washington on Nov 6 to assess the condition of the containers. The detour will delay the ship's arrival at Long Beach, California, pushing back the November 12 shipping estimate by at least one week.

We're waiting on more updates from the shipping company.