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Artist of Life Workbook

☆ Is this a daily/weekly planner?

No. The Artist of Life Workbook is not intended to be be a planner or calendar. Think of the workbook as a “big picture” guide to help you envision your plans for the year and organize how to make those plans happen, on a monthly and quarterly basis.

You can use your own planning system (or the Daily Planner) in conjunction with the workbook to organize your daily and weekly to-do’s.

☆ Do I have to start the Workbook at the beginning of the year?

Not at all! You can start the Workbook anytime. You can complete these sections at any time that you feel called to:

  • Vision Board, Current Me vs. Future Me, About Me, Mindset Refresh, My Power Mantra, Prioritizing Self Care, Designing My Habits, Bucket List, My Ideal World, On Fear

You can also start using the Goal Book and Daily Trackers any time of the year. In general, the Workbook does not need to be filled out in chronological order. Feel free to skip sections, come back, and update any pages as you’d like.

☆ I’m a student in high school/college. Will the Artist of Life Workbook be useful for me?

Yes! All of the exercises and prompts can still apply to you. There is a “Career Goals” page that you can change to “School Goals”, and a “Money Goals” page you can use to plan how to save money or make money.

☆ When will I receive my PDF download for the Artist of Life Workbook (Digital)?

If you purchased the digital workbook product - A link to download the digital workbook will be sent to you in your order confirmation email after purchase.

If purchased with a print version of the Workbook, your digital download link will be emailed to you when your print workbook ships.

☆ I didn’t get my download link for my digital workbook. / I can’t open the download link for the workbook.

If purchased with a print version of the Workbook, your digital download link will be emailed to you when your print workbook ships. Be sure to check your spam folder.

The Artist of Life Workbook (Digital) arrives as a ZIP file. Make sure you click the download link on a computer so you can open the file properly. Then, you can move the individual files to any device you'd like to access it from.

☆ How do I fill out the digital workbook?

You can fill it out digitally on your computer or tablet. Alternatively, you can choose to print it out.

☆ Why does the digital version of the Workbook have fewer pages than the print version?

The digital Workbook has 125 pages of content, while the print Workbook has 192 pages of content and blank pages. The digital and print versions of the Artist of Life Workbook have the exact same main content: exercises and prompts.

The differences in page number are due to formatting logistics and the exclusion of blank pages in the digital workbook.

☆ Do you have an affiliate program?

No. We have discontinued the affiliate program.

Daily Planner

☆ Is the Daily Planner available digitally?

No. The Daily Planner is currently only available as a print product.

☆ Are there weekly or monthly pages?

No. The Daily Planner only includes undated, daily pages.

☆ How long does the Planner last?

The Daily Planner contains 184 daily planning pages. If used daily, the Planner will last ~6 months. If not used daily, the Planner will last a total of 184 days.

Artist of Life Community

☆ How do subscriptions work?

You can choose to pay $12 monthly (every month) or $36 quarterly (every 3 months).

Subscriptions renew automatically, on the date of the month you first signed up.

For subscriptions purchased on the last day of the month, the charge date is moved to the last available day in that month which sets the schedule moving forward.

For example: If a subscription is purchased on December 31 (last day of December), the next payments will be charged as follows:

  • January 31 - same date, because January has the same number of days as December
  • February 28 - not the same date, because the last date of February is the 28th
  • March 28 - same date as the previous month
  • April 28 - same date as the previous month

This measure ensures that a payment is made every month.

☆ What's the cancellation/refund policy?

You are responsible for actively managing your account by logging into your Account. This responsibility includes ensuring you cancel your subscription in time to avoid unwanted charges.

Because you are free to manage your account at any time, we have the following policies in place:

  • Monthly subscriptions - No refunds offered.
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  • Existing members are not eligible for refunds, regardless of billing option.

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