Weekly Reset Planner (Digital)


The Weekly Reset Planner is an undated weekly planner to help you design a full and balanced life. It's your tool to live a more intentional life, one week at a time.

This digital planner includes a 9-page PDF with: 

  • how-to instructions
  • monthly spread (2 pages)
  • weekly planning (2 pages)
  • weekly reflection (2 pages)

These spreads are also included as separate PDFs, meant to be duplicated for re-use for each new month & week. The PDF is formatted for interactive use on a computer or tablet.

A link to download the Weekly Reset Planner (Digital) will be sent to you in an email after your purchase.

The Weekly Reset Planner (Digital) is a PDF formatted for interactive use on a computer or tablet. We recommend using Adobe Reader.

Monthly Spread

  • Intention & Top 3 Goals: Decide on your big picture focus
  • Calendar: Outline the month ahead

Weekly Planning

  • Weekly Goals & Self Care: Keep your goals and self care top of mind
  • Daily Tasks: Prioritize your most important tasks
  • Habit Tracker: Track your habits throughout the week

Weekly Reflection

  • How Did I Feel This Week?: Summarize the week in a word or phrase
  • Gratitude & Wins: Celebrate the highlights from the week
  • Rate How I'm Doing: Monitor the balance of your life
  • Lessons: Reset & refresh your mind
  • Space for planning: Extra space for notes & reminders

Digital Stickers

This digital planner comes with a folder of Lavendaire sticker PNGs to decorate your planner.

Please note: Digital stickers require the use of a PDF-editing program that allows you to import images into a PDF file and may not be compatible with all PDF-editing programs.