What you can expect in the Artist of Life Community:

  • A thriving community of compassionate, like-minded people to turn to, to learn from, and to inspire and be inspired by
  • Motivation & accountability on your goals throughout the year
  • Weekly reflections, challenges, and check-ins to share your successes, failures, wisdom, and more
  • Mini-groups: personalized accountability with 4-5 people each quarter
  • Live video hangout chats with Aileen (+ featured guests)
  • Opportunity to chat live with Aileen 1-on-1 (live coaching, interviews, discussion, etc.)
  • Curated resources, lessons, & inspiration from fellow Community members
  • Real friendships and connections with people from different backgrounds all over the world

You create the Artist of Life Community experience. The key to best results is your contribution, interaction, and consistent commitment to your fellow Community members. If you put your best effort in from beginning to end, you will feel: loved, inspired, accomplished, conscious, vibrant, and so much more

Visit the group at least daily or weekly for encouragement, empowering messages, and positive reminders to keep you on your path.